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Have Buckcherry just released the party album of 2021?

Out now: Buckcherry’s Hellbound is the best album yet from the Californian rockers, and they’re clearly out for a very good time indeed



How does a band with nearly 25 years and eight albums on the clock manage to top everything they’ve done before? Buckcherry’s answer is to make a great upbeat record that has both anthemic stompers and more considered, polished moments. 

Powerhouse frontman Josh Todd leads the Bucks through the blazing opening trio of 54321, So Hott and the title track. Here everyone is clearly out to have a good time, and the listener gets joyously caught up in the debauchery. 

The band then head for a more bluesy strut with Gun, mirrored a little later on Wasting No More Time, while No More Lies offers Billy Rowe the chance to shine during a laid-back lead guitar workout. 

Stuffed with killer material, Hellbound is the party-rock album of 2021.