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Hear Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda marry alt.pop, hip-hop and the hope of a 2021 to remember on Happy Endings

Pop star Upsahl and rapper Iann Dior join Mike Shinoda for smart state-of-the-world address Happy Endings



“This whole last year was a shit show…”

Credit to Mike Shinoda, he knows how to make an entrance. Linkin Park’s frontman returns to the fray with new single Happy Endings, an upbeat, wry reflection on shaking off the new year blues and taking 2021 by the horns. 

Paired with Phoenix, Arizona pop star Upsahl and Puerto Rican-born, Texas-based rapper Iann Dior, Shinoda’s new single hangs around the optimistic chorus lyric, “Still, at least in my mind, I’m feeling like I’m the hero that saves me”, and offers hope that maybe the year ahead might just be one worth celebrating, a welcome shot of positivity we could all appreciate right now.

Shinoda’s PR team have proudly informed us that, this week, the LA-based rapper became the first major label artist to launch a single via NFT auction. This, apparently, has something to do with cryptocurrency authorities, but we’ll level with you here, they might as well have told us that Shinoda composed the song by synthesising unicorn urine and uploading the stem files into ProTools. Whatever, the final top 10 bidders will each receive an original print of the single artwork signed by Shinoda and contemporary artist Cain Caser, with proceeds from the auction benefitting the ArtCenter College of Design, which sounds like a good thing. So, well done everyone.