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Hearts & Hand Grenades lack heft on debut album Turning To Ashes

Turning To Ashes is a solid debut that’s a bit more heart than hand grenade



Having taken a major step up career-wise after impressing Goo Goo Dolls vocalist/bassist Robby Takac enough to get some valuable recording time at his studio, Hearts & Hand Grenades have finally progressed from EPs to this fully fledged debut album. 

Positioned as a hard rock outfit, H&HG really sound like they’d be happier as a full-on metal band, judging by the crunchy riffing here; tracks like Adrenaline, For The Weakened and My Sickness possess pleasant chugging echoes of mid-paced Metallica and Judas Priest and leave you wishing the production would add just a bit more heft and heaviness

Bravely aiming for some variety and sophistication, In The Crowd combines minimal verses with whip-crack rocking choruses, while I Hide is less successful, the lightweight verses just too longwinded before the chorus payoff. 

Solid melodic heavy rock that could go further.