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Here Lies Man mesmerise on genre-melding album Ritual Divination

Here Lies Man’s invention of Jazz Sabbath gains further traction on album four, Ritual Divination



The concept of making a soundtrack to an imaginary movie has done the rounds so often over the decades that it’s reached the point of self-parody. And yet, in Here Lies Man’s deft hands it makes perfect sense, the first sign of the merest hint of cliché banished from their door. 

Formed by members of Afrobeat outfit Antibalas, Here Lies Man take the spectacular, insistent, Fela Kuti-inspired groove of that genre and use it to reinvent the heavy metal blueprint laid out by Black Sabbath, and the result is ingenious and mesmerising.

In These Dreams and, in particular, What You See glory in riffs that could have come from the hand of Iommi. 

The combination is magical, a psychedelic journey that warps time and perception, drummer Geoff Mann granting the beast a delicate and very beautiful heart. 

Join them on their trip to inner space, you won’t regret it