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“I found that offensive. I hope you lose your voice.” Remember that time someone screamed Let It Go like a black metal song on Britain’s Got Talent and really annoyed Amanda Holden?

Contestant Aaron Marshall applied black metal vocals to a Frozen song and won over the Britain’s Got Talent crowd – but not every single judge



It’s fair to say that black metal vocals are an acquired taste. Not everybody who dips their toes into heavy music is instantly going to be up for I Am The Black Wizards for four minutes – they often need to work up to it. So we commend the bravery of one Aaron Marshall, who popped onto UK primetime talent show Britain’s Got Talent in 2015 to blast the mainstream with some full-on screaming.

During his onstage audition for the programme (seen below), the young man presents judges Simon Cowell, David Walliams, Alesha Dixon and Amanda Holden with an… unconventional take on the Frozen megahit Let It Go. The singer screeches the song out black metal-style for a live crowd and millions of TV viewers, and fair play to him, he does it well. One of the panel in front of him isn’t impressed, however.

Holden’s initially overjoyed when she hears the jingling instrumentation come over the speakers. Her jubilant mood then turns into shock and disgust the second Marshall opens his mouth, voting him off within a second. It looks like the audience are going to go the same way, laughing at the poor lad – until the chorus hits. At that point, they’re swaying their arms and unintentionally providing a lovely, melodic counterpoint to his roars as they sing along. “He’s being outsung by the crowd,” the series’ co-host, Declan Donnelly, comments from the side of the stage.

Holden’s still pissed, though. “I found that offensive,” she states as post-performance feedback. “I really hope you lose your voice this afternoon.” Popular opinion didn’t share that sentiment, though, and Marshall gets through to the next round of the show with a three-against-one judge vote. And you know what: for having the balls to bring black metal to the masses in such a unique way, he bloody well deserved it.

Watch the full footage here: