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“I’d pay to be in it!”: Noel Gallagher names his dream supergroup, featuring some very familiar faces

“Get me Harvey Goldsmith!” Noel Gallagher jokes after detailing his dream supergroup



Noel Gallagher has named the musicians who he’d love to play alongside in a dream supergroup, and unsurprisingly there are Beatles involved. 

The former Oasis man’s comments were quoted in an article in The Mirror newspaper.

“I’d definitely join a supergroup,” Gallagher states, “I don’t know if I would start one. Who would I like to be in a supergroup with? I could be in a band with [Paul] Weller, and I could be in a band with Johnny [Marr], easily.”

When it comes to choosing a rhythm section for his dream group, Gallagher goes big, nominating Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr.

“Ringo and Macca would be fucking great,” he says. “Imagine being in a band with Ringo and Macca. Who’s singing? Everyone. I’d fucking pay to be in it.”

Gallagher ends his fantasy sequence by saying, “Get me [promoter] Harvey ­Goldsmith.”

Gallagher has actually recorded with Paul McCartney and Paul Weller in the past, the three musicians teaming up in 1995, alongside Ocean Colour Scene guitarist Steve Craddock and Young Disciples vocalist Carleen Anderson, to record a cover of The Beatles’ Come Together for the War Child charity album The Help Album, billed as The Smokin’ Mojo Filters.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds released released their fourth studio album, Council Skies earlier this year, but Gallagher wasn’t impressed with how the record was received when the band toured the US with Garbage, where it became all too obvious that very few in the audience had heard the album.

“[It’s] terrible” he told Rolling Stone. “I’m starting off with [four or] five new ones. People should have bought the fucking album, then, shouldn’t they?”.

Gallagher continued, “So they’re gonna stand there with their mouths open thinking, ‘What the fuck is this?’ I should advise them to go to their preferred streaming service.”