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Iron Maiden’s exclusion from the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame is ‘insanity’ says Kiss frontman Paul Stanley

The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame committee ‘must induct’ Iron Maiden says Kiss vocalist/guitarist Paul Stanley



Kiss frontman Paul Stanley has thrown his weight behind the campaign to induct Iron Maiden into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, stating that their absence from the institution is “insanity”.

Retweeting a story on rock/metal news site Blabbermouth which stated that the British metal legends are trailing behind Tina Turner, Fela Kuti and The Go-Gos in the Hall Of Fame induction fan vote, Stanley added: “They have helped spawn an entire genre of music. What else do you need to do?” and added that the committee “must induct” Steve Harris’ band.

Iron Maiden’s exclusion from the Hall Of Fame has been a source of some contention. Frontman Bruce Dickinson has claimed that the institution is “run by a bunch of sanctimonious bloody Americans who wouldn’t know rock and roll if it hit them in the face”. He also suggested that if his band were ever inducted, they’d refuse. Other comments saw Dickinson refer to the hall as “vulgar” and “an utter and complete load of bollocks”.

But former guitarist Dennis Stratton, who played on the band’s debut album, has urged fans to look beyond Dickinson’s comments to ensure that the East London metal legends finally get the acknowledgement they are overdue.

In an interview with eonmusic, Stratton says: “A lot of the fans are following Bruce’s comments and have said; “F*** the Hall of fame; we don’t need the Hall of Fame, the band don’t want it, so let’s not vote.”

“But what they’ve got to remember is that it is a big, big honour for someone like me. I’ve even gone on Facebook and said; ‘Listen, please vote’, because although it might not mean a lot to some people, it means the world to me.”

“I’m hoping that the fans don’t take a lot of notice of Bruce’s comments. I want Maiden to get what they deserve.”

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