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Israeli proggers Scardust share Strangers livestream

Scardust celebrate second album releaase with free streaming event



Scardust have made their latest livestream performance available for on-demand viewing. The free stream includes the live premieres of several songs from their second album, Strangers – out now – as well as a Q&A with special guest Patty Gurdy.

As the title suggests, the Israeli symphonic prog metal band’s new record explores the theme of strangers. The video for Tantibus II told the tale of a protagonist who decided to disconnect from reality into her own mind, and the complementary video for Addicted revealed that there was a caring person that tried to dissuade her from those actions. Stranger and Gone tell a story from two different perspectives – one from a person that feels abandoned by someone that was close to them, and the other from a person that feels that they need to leave their current situation in order to evolve.

“2020 was a hell of a ride for Scardust!” says vocalist Noa Gruman. “Covid-19 tried to sabotage the recording of our album and the making of no less than six music videos (and more to come), but we managed to keep to our schedule even when we barely could meet up with each other. Countless fans told us they wished they could see us live on stage with the new songs, so we returned to Bardo Studios, where we recorded the drums and choirs for Strangers, to play a livestream show to celebrate the release of the new album.

“We’ve missed performing live so much, and it made us very happy to play live again and interact with our beloved audience. The thousands of people who joined the live stream that night made it double the thrill. This video is an unedited record of that wonderful event – technical glitches and all!”

Strangers is out now. Watch the stream below.


00:00 – Break The Ice
04:09 – Tantibus II
08:16 – Q&A
15:30 – Arrowhead
20:52 – Thank You!
24:37 – Q&A with Patty Gurdy
34:52 – Gone
40:14 – Mist Challenge Winners
44:44 – Mist