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Jacob Holm-Lupo and the Boozer Cruiser release tragic dementia ‘prog poem’

Not Really Me Not Any More is the latest collaboration between White Willow/Donner mastermind and Prog writer



Prog writer Martin Kielty aka The Boozer Cruiser and White Willow/Donner mastermind Jacob Holm-Lupo have released their latest “prog poem” Not Really Me Not Any More, which is premiered below.

The five-minute piece – which follows Ukraine invasion story No Liars Were Harmed – explores an amateur art collector’s descent into dementia, as he writes a message to the next person who’ll own his beloved Japanese wood block prints

Kielty says: “This was without doubt the most difficult and most personal thing we’ve done to date. The lead character, Patient P, is trying to remember the titles of the prints even as he begins to forget about them, while knowing he’s going to forget everything else too, and therefore lose it all.

“Everyone including Jacob and my mate Peter Wass, who plays Patient P, have direct and recent experience of dementia and the cruel effects it has on the sufferers and those who care about them. It may have been difficult but I think it was important.”

He adds: “The people who previewed the demos were all very affected by it, and so many of them had their own stories to tell about dealing with dementia. Perhaps that’s what Not Really Me Not Any More is for.”

Inspired by the Asian-sounding music Holm-Lupo wrote about his feelings regarding the illness.

Kielty indulged his interest in Japanese culture with help from David Bull of the Mokuhankan Gallery in Tokyo. “David is a force of nature and a passionate character,” Kielty says. “I defy anyone to watch his videos and not fall in love with wood block prints!”

The Boozer Cruiser (so named because Scot Kielty lives on a narrowboat, cruising the canals and pubs of England and Wales) is planning a debut physical release and a small number of live shows in the coming months.

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