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Journey members past and present resolve legal dispute, reach ‘amicable settlement’

Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain reach ‘amicable’ agreement with former Journey members Steve Smith and Ross Valory



The legal wrangling between Journey’s Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain and former members Steve Smith and Ross Valory have been resolved. 

Drummer Smith and bassist Valory were sacked from Journey on March 3, 2020 following claims that they had attempted to stage a “corporate coup d’état” to gain control of one of the band’s business entities, Nightmare Productions. Following their dismissal, Schon and Cain sought to claim $10 million in damages from the duo, stating that the pair had “destroyed the chemistry, cohesion and rapport necessary for the band to play together.”

Valory fired back on April 17, 2020 by filing legal papers of his own at California’s Contra Costa County Superior Court, calling the allegations “baseless,” and Schon and Cain’s actions “outrageous”, claiming that pair caused “him to suffer severe emotional distress.”

Thankfully, all this unpleasantness has now been laid to rest. 

A statement released today from Journey’s management, Q Prime, reads:

‘The members of the band Journey who were parties to a recent lawsuit (Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain, Steve Smith and Ross Valory) are pleased to announce that they have resolved their differences and reached an amicable settlement agreement. Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain acknowledge the valuable contributions that both Ross Valory and Steve Smith have made to the music and the legacy of Journey. Ross Valory and Steve Smith wish their former bandmates well and much success in the future. Journey looks forward to continuing to tour and make new music for their dedicated fans around the world.’

Classic Rock wishes all four men continued success with their various endeavours.