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Kirk Hammett’s guitar used in Metallica’s video for One sells for £82,000

Anonymous buyer purchases Kirk Hammett’s signed ESP 400 Series S-Type guitar for $112,500 at auction



The guitar which Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett used in the band’s music video for One has been sold at auction to an anonymous buyer for $112,500 (approximately £82,000).

The ESP 400 Series S-Type, autographed by Hammett in silver ink on its body, was listed via Heritage Auctions last week. It was initially expected to sell for around £30,000.

Our pals at Guitar World tell is that the ‘axe’ features a triple single-coil pickup configuration, and a Floyd Rose-style tremolo. Which is nice. 

The original listing for the guitar read:

“Released in early 1989, Metallica’s One video was the first video the metal band ever made. Having released three albums with no promotional videos accompanying them, having a five-minute video edit of their fourth album’s third single was a major deal back then. Shot in black and white and splicing footage and audio from the 1971 film Johnny Got His Gun, the One video was a staple on MTV. But it wasn’t just a Headbanger’s Ball staple – it was on MTV during the daytime in between videos from U2, Debbie Gibson, and Bon Jovi. It was an intense proclamation that showed Metallica was going to be a band to reckon with in the mainstream in the years to come.”

Metallica are currently working on a new album, at a “glacial pace”, according to drummer Lars Ulrich.