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Kitten Pyramid’s Koozy!! finds beauty in the gradual pain of human existence

Kitten Pyramid’s Koozy!! is excellent Brit neo-psychedelia underpinned by COVID sadness



Despite their chirpy use of exclamation marks, Kitten Pyramid do not flinch from the gradual pain of human existence. 

Their 2013 debut Uh-Oh! was dedicated to principal songwriter Scott Milligan’s uncle, who lived with mental illness his whole life, while Koozy!! is in memory of Milligan’s mother, an MS sufferer who succumbed to COVID.

From the just-off-kilter brass and chug of the title track to the Van Dyke Parks-like strings of Leggy Friend and throughout, each of these jewel-like songs is individually crafted and coloured, full of appropriate twists and turns. 

No more so than on Aunty Mabel, which bursts into life at Wire-like drill-rock pace, then slows into a rumination on old age. Joyful and sombre, playful and solemn, the album culminates in Needles, presumably a tribute to Milligan’s mother. 

A beautiful album.

Koozy!! is available from the Kitten Pyramid store