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Lacuna Coil explain why they stood on stage in silence instead of performing a promised livestream concert

Lacuna Coil were among 130 artists who took part in last weekend’s L’Ultimo Concerto? (Last Concert) live stream event



On Saturday, February 27, Lacuna Coil were scheduled to play a livestream concert in their hometown of Milan, but when fans logged on watch the performance, they were surprised to find the five members of the Italian goth-metal band standing on-stage in silence. Now Cristina Scabbia and her colleagues have explained why.

The band had revealed their intention to play the show on social media last week, saying: “We take the Alcatraz-Milano stage at 21.00 pm for what could possibly be L’Ultimo Concerto. Follow the FREE event at”

In reality, the quintet, alongside 130 other artists across Italy, were seeking to draw public attention to the uncertain future of Italian music venues, which have now been closed for one year due to restrictions imposed to combat the spread of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Following the event, Lacuna Coil explained what was going on. 

“You were expecting to see a live show while we just stood in silence,” they said. “It’s not a bad joke. This is the situation of live clubs in Italy, places where we got to meet many of you.”

“It is with this bitter taste in our mouths that we are asking for your support for them.

A live show with no music is not a live show. A silent live club is not a live club.”

“Thanks for being part of this, for your support and for being there in this very moment, which hopefully will be a turning point. From now on, we just want to talk about the next live show. Thank you!”

The campaign, organised by KeepOn Live, Arci, Assomusica and Live DMA, was orchestrated to emphasise that, due to the pandemic, many venues may fail to reopen, which will also leave as many as 300,000 people without jobs. Organisers of L’Ultimo Concerto? said in a mission statement: “When will the last concert be? Or maybe it has already been?”

“Live clubs and concert halls carry the weight of almost a year of closure on their shoulders. Currently, despite the enormous role that these spaces have in terms of the creation, promotion and dissemination of culture and their indisputable social value, it can be said that they have been almost ignored by the numerous decrees that have followed one another in recent months.”

“Provisions have mentioned cinemas and theatres in terms of entertainment but have not devoted due attention to these realities which risk [music venues] disappearing.”

The full L’Ultimo Concerto? manifesto, which states their mission statement along with requests for support, can be found on the campaign website.