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Lewis introduces himself with video for Time Money And Fear

French prog/psych newcomer Lewis will release his debut solo album Inside in March



French prog/psych multi-instrumentalist songwriter Lewis has released a video for his new single Time Money And Fear. The single, out on Monday February 15, is taken from Lewis’ upcoming debut album Inside which will be released through Klonosphere on March 19.

Time, Money And Fear is a song about those three main themes—all three being intertwined in a space that I can only conceptualise through music, sharing my own personal experiences in the face of these themes,” Lewis explains.

With a degree in clinical psychology and specialising in music psychology, Lewis has created a video that invites the viewer to immerse themselves in the daily life of different characters. You can watch the video below.

“The aim is to question each listener’s personal relationship with these themes,” he adds. “The time traveller at the beginning and at end of the clip in the Dark is a reference to the corridors of time highlighted in the film Interstellar. While reading his diary, he asks the listener questions: Does time exist? Has the future already happened? What about me?”

Settled in Marseilles, Lewis is a founder member of the psychedelic rock band Tense Of Fools, the members of which in him on his solo debut.

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