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Lil Nas X’s Satanic hip hop track Montero gets the metal makeover it truly deserves

TikTok musicians give Montero the metal treatment – and receive Lil Nas X’s approval



We haven’t had a proper old school Satanic panic in years. But where it always used to be some big-haired metal band whipping the religious right up into a frothing frenzy, this time around it’s rapper Lil Nas X who’s causing a stir thanks to his hit track  Montero (Call Me By Your Name) the accompanying video.

Metal has finally muscled in on the action, courtesy of TikTok musicians Ricky Jabarin and Sage Weeber who have produced a metal version of the track, and it comes with feisty riffing and heavy AF drums. 

To recap, the video for Montero features a bucket load of biblical and homoerotic references, but its most head-turning moment is the raunchy lap dance he gives Satan, just before he breaks his neck and takes his place as Hell’s infamous ruler. And yes, to get to the fiery chamber, he pole dances his way down in leather, high-leg boots.

In response to the metal-makeover, Lil Nas X retweeted the video with the caption “hard”, and then called out to YouTuber Corpse Husband for a collab, declaring “let’s do it”.

Following this, TikTok guitarist Jabarin posted an update stating “Whether that’s serious or not, I have no idea — but if it’s for real, we would love to be involved. So Lil Nas X, let us know if we can work together to make a metal remix.”

Whether the rapper really will release an official metal remix of the original is unclear, but all we know is it’ll certainly be a hit, and might even cause an even greater wave of outrage from the public. Metal bands, take note: this is how you get some attention.


who thinks @lilnasx & i should jam in hell together 🤘🏽 #lilnasx #montero #punkgoespop #metal

♬ MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) – Lil Nas X