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Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda and Trivium’s Matt Heafy join forces on epic new track

Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda has announced a collaboration with Trivium’s Matt Heafy – to be streamed via Twitch later this week



“It’s very, like, Matt standing on a mountaintop with a falcon on his wrist who flies away and collects the bones of enemy clans, enemy warriors”.

If this mighty yet somewhat abstract description sounds like your cup of tea, you’ll be pleased to know it’s the result of two of metal’s biggest names – Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda and Trivium’s Matt Heafy – collaborating together on a new song.

The track, otherwise known as Song 1 consists of Shinoda covering production while Matt provides the guitars and vocals. 

In a video announcing the online collab, Mike explains, 

“I got Matt’s blessing to get weird with the track too. We’re not gonna just make a metal track. We’re not gonna make a Trivium track. If you wanted a Trivium track you could just get a Trivium track. You could go to Matt’s channel and get that.”

“So I’m gonna take his vocal, and even his guitar, and chop them into little tiny bits and run them through a meat grinder and then we’re gonna make a track out of it. I don’t even know what we’re gonna make.”

“The track he sent is so… it’s, like, epic!”

The session will be streamed via Twitch on February 8, 10am PT / 1pm ET (6pm GMT).

Check out the announcement video below: