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Liquid Tension Experiment announce return with teaser video

Prog instrumental supergroup return with new album after 20-year hiatus



Instrumental prog collective Liquid Tension Experiment have announce their return with a new video trailer you can watch below. The band, drummer Mike Portnoy, guitarist John Petrucci, King Crimson bassist Tony Levin and Dream Theater keyboard player Jordan Rudess have signed to InsideOut Music and will release their third album in Spring 2021, 22 years after the bands’ last studio album. 

“What happens, when you put four of the most talented musicians on the planet in one room? LTE,” announces label boss Thomas Waber. “We all have been waiting for this album to happen for a very long time and it makes us very proud to be releasing this album. This one is for the fans!”

“We’ve all known Thomas Waber for a very long time and Jordan and I recently discovered how great it was to finally get to work together when Dream Theater joined the InsideOut family a few years ago,” adds guitarist John Petrucci. “There really is no better home for LTE and we all look forward to doing great things together!”

“Myself, and John, have known Thomas Waber since we met on the very first Dream Theater European tour in 1993,” adds drummer Portnoy. “Since then I have worked with him and Inside Out for the past 20 years with Transatlantic, The Neal Morse Band and Sons Of Apollo. When LTE finally reunited this summer, we knew there was no other label that we could call home.”

Liquid Tension Experiment released their iconic, self-titled debut album in 1998 and the dazzling follow-up, LTE2 in 1999. The incredible creativity between the collective would prompt Petrucci and Portnoy to invite Rudess to join Dream Theater, effectively marking the end of this side project.

Earlier this week, the Tony, Mike, Jordan, and John teased separate profile images on their social media pages with masks labeled with L-T-E-3 covering their respective faces.  This was followed by the full band image on the band’s socials.