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Listen to Dikajee’s new album Forget~Me~Nots exclusively here

Former Russian-based musician Dikajee releases her full-length debut album Forget~Me~Nots tomorrow



Folky progger Dikajee has exclusively streamed her brand new album Forget~Me~Nots with Prog, and you can listen to it all below.

The former Russian-based musician releases Forget~Me~Nots tomorrow but Prog is streaming the whole album today via the player below.

“This release was postponed a couple of times because of the difficult situation in the world, so I actually thought that I would barely feel anything once it’s finally out,” Dikajee tells Prog. “But now, when it is happening, I realise that this is so far the biggest day of my life. This is my first long play and it means so much to me. I just want to thank everyone who supported me on my way, thank my beautiful band, and all the beautiful guests who put their magic into that music. Bon voyage, album!” 

Forget~Me~Nots was recorded and produced in Norway, Portugal, Germany, France, Latvia, Russia, and features guest appearances from Faun’s Fiona Rüggeberg (bagpipes), Klone’s Guillaume Bernard (guitars), Erik Truffaz’s Artis Orubs (drums) and Amber Foil’s João Filipe (guitars) among others.

Dikajee has previously released videos for Forest , River Rites and Lily Of The Valley.

Get Forget~Me~Nots.