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Listen to every F-word from Slipknot’s debut album condensed into one song for some pure, cathartic rage

Someone with too much time on their hands has created a whole song out of the lofty number of swear words on Slipknot’s self-titled album



We think it’s fair to say that Slipknot are an ‘angry’ band. Frontman Corey Taylor is known for having one of the hottest heads and pottiest mouths in the biz, making him the perfect conductor to channel such unrestrained, powerful fury.

They’re every metalhead’s favourite sonic pacifier for when the world just gets too stupid to handle, and for that, we’re forever thankful. But just how angry are Slipknot, exactly? We don’t have the exact mathematics for working that one out, but what we can tell you is that Taylor dropped a total of 87 F-bombs in Slipknot’s debut album. That’s a lot of fucks. 

In fact, one Internet genius has collated all of these fucks, and condensed them into one fuck-tastic song that sounds so gloriously pissed-off it’s been drop-kicked straight to the top of our stress-combatting playlists for when we need to let off a little steam. 

One viewer in the comments has compared the energy of this song to “when you step on a Lego”. Another says: “this entire video is what parents think metal sounds like”.

Our favourite comment, however, has to be this, as it sums up our feelings about Slipknot perfectly: “Jokes aside, this really was refreshing when it came out. Sure there was hardcore, and death metal, and black metal, but none of them quite made music just to express how bitter and angry they were and I think the world really needed Corey to scream fuck over heavy instruments and see a bunch of people in jumpsuits smack some trash cans”. Slipknot are cathartic, we totally agree!

Check out the video below:

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