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Listen to Nine Inch Nails track Head Like A Hole get a haunting goth makeover

Brazilian singer-songwriter and YouTube sensation Violet Orlandi covers Nine Inch Nails track Head Like A Hole



Goosebumps, the odd spine-tingle: these are some of the things you might experience when listening to Violet Orlandi. Most noted as a YouTube cover star, Violet is a singer-songwriter and guitarist from Brazil who specialises in crafting poignant renditions of rock and metal’s best-loved tracks. This time, she’s back with Nine Inch Nails song Head Like A Hole, taken from the band’s debut album Pretty Hate Machine.

In the video, Violet is cast in a glowing light set against a gloomy backdrop that befits the tone of the cover – an aesthetic that ties together the majority of her covers. Evanescence fans might pick out hints of Amy Lee – fans of the band will find plenty to enjoy here. Released just a few days ago, the video has already received over 70,000 views.

Since setting up her YouTube channel in 2012, Violet Orlandi has gained over 77 million views across her platform, and has covered the likes of System Of A Down, Audioslave, Metallica, Ghost, and many more.

This year, Violet also released an entirely original track with her band She Won’t Live, named Creatures, which is now available to purchase through their website.

For more of Violet’s gothic covers, subscribe to her YouTube channel, where she releases a new track every Sunday, or follow her Facebook page.

You can check out the cover below.