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Listen to two savage new Every Time I Die songs, Desperate Pleasures and A Colossal Wreck

Every Time I Die surprise fans with the release of not one, but two, tracks from their forthcoming ninth album



Buffalo metalcore quintet Every Time I Die have delivered a festive gift to fans with the surprise release of two new tracks from their forthcoming ninth album.

Keith Buckley’s band surprised fans by sharing A Colossal Wreck and Desperate Pleasures on December 8. 

Desperate Pleasures contains the excellent lyric “We’re living in the golden age of bastards” while A Colossal Wreck finds Buckley singing, “Down here they eat, fuck and ravage. A new breed of white, ancient savage. Wicked men with cross in hand, praying for bodies to scavenge.”

According to Buckley, the songs are “two sides of the same reactionary coin.”

“While Colossal Wreck looks around at the current state of the world and says, 
‘life is a punishment and only the worst of us thrive,’ Desperate Pleasures takes a more optimistic approach and renounces the nihilistic/accelerationist attitude of the voice that came before. It says that without hope, even in the face of such universal anguish, only death is certain and to give up now when those around us need it most is a treacherous act of pure cowardice. That said, I’m not sure which is worse, being a coward or being a cynic. Probably a coward. At least cynics have a sense of humour.”

Working with producer (and Fit For An Autopsy guitarist) Will Putney, Every Time I Die completed on what will be their ninth studio album back in March. At the time, bassist Stephen Micciche wrote: “ETID wrapped up record number 9 late Saturday night. We have a great problem to have on our hands with 16 very strong songs. Listening back to them is really blowing me away this time around. Everyone pushed themselves a little harder. @willputney is one of the best in the biz, left his home and came to Buffalo to make this record easier on us, not himself. @gcraudio and @jayzubricky are fantastic. Not sure what the record will be called yet, but I’m sure it rips.”