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M.A.N. And The Maniacs will release their debut album this year

Lazuli keyboard player Romain Thoriel features in French art rock quartet in M.A.N. And The Maniacs



French art rockers M.A.N. And The Maniacs have announced they will release their debut album in May.

The band features Lazuli keyboard player Romain Thorel alongside singer Mariana Anne Nolles (from whom they take their monicker), Arnaud Beyney (guitar/bass) and Elodie Longuemart (drums).

“Nine protest pop songs, written after the virus’s first wave and lockdown in France,” says Marina Anne Nolles of the upcoming eponymous debut album. “It captures a moment we wrote together as a band, and the expression of our bewilderment about the world today. Cancer, pollution, rape, blunt words wrapped in red velvet. With raw energy and sound, we recorded in “live” conditions as a tribute to the 70’s rock bands we love, at L’Abeille Rôde studio in Nîmes (France) with the technical assistance of members of French band Lazuli.”

M.A.N. And The Maniacs have this far released two singles, both last year, Chemically Yours and The Lake.

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