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Machine Head’s Robb Flynn is ready to unleash hell on internet bullies, trolls and edgelords

Robb Flynn has had enough of death threats and vile personal abuse from keyboard warriors, and is ready to fight back



“The second people start threatening my wife and my kids, you’ve crossed the line, a line I will not ever accept. Don’t believe me? FUCKING BRING IT!!”

Machine Head frontman Robb Flynn has had enough. As one of modern metal’s most outspoken, opinionated and fearless characters, Flynn has naturally made enemies, but with online discourse growing ever more toxic, the 52-year-old musician has issued a final warning to online keyboard warriors who bombard him and his family with vile personal abuse and threats of violence.

Flynn took to social media at the weekend to display some of the abuse he receives on a daily basis and bluntly told his detractors: “I will not shut up.”

In the wake of far right militia members, white supremacists and QAnon conspiracy theorists storming Washington DC’s Capitol building in support of out-going President Donald Trump’s discredited claims that the result of the 2020 US elections were fraudulent, Flynn posted a scathing poem titled Vomitous Creatures And Cretins on Instagram, and subsequently received a deluge of abusive comments. Among these, he revealed, were death threats made against his family. This, says Flynn, is the point at which he will strike back. “Consider this a warning,” he says.

Displaying four offensive messages he has recently received, Flynn opens his post with the words, ‘Good times in my DM‘s today. Just a little taste.’

‘Listen to me,” he continues. “I have literally dealt with this for 30 years. Before it was in mail and hand written letters, then it was emails and message boards, now it’s DM’s and the comment section. Just so we’re all crystal clear… I am not going anywhere.”

You can read the full text of Flynn’s defiant message to his detractors below: