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“Make it cream, make me scream”: Prepare to do the most aggressive twerking of your life to this cover of Cardi B’s WAP performed in the style of Slipknot

Cardi B’s 2020 single WAP (Wet Ass P***y) featuring Megan Thee Stallion has been reworked to sound like an old school “IOWAP” Slipknot banger



2020 was a confusing year. Not only were we plagued with the beginnings of a world-changing pandemic and locked up within our own homes, but on a far less serious note, we were introduced to possibly the smuttiest song ever to grace the airwaves, Cardi B’s WAP, featuring Megan Thee Stallion. 

For those innocents among us, WAP stands for Wet Ass Pussy, and that title alone should suggest that this isn’t a club favourite that you’d blast in your office or play to your grandmother without providing an accompanying set of pearls to clutch. On top of its salacious lyrics, the track arrived with a NSFW music video featuring the pair of rappers twerking and, frankly, having a ball. Basically, it was a total earworm, one which infiltrated both the charts and the minds of listeners everywhere, both empowering and enraging in equal measure.

It was surely only a matter of time before this cultural behemoth was reimagined to sound like a metal song. Previously, Frog Leap Studios reconfigured it to sound like a riffy, nu metal rager, but more recently, we’ve been gifted WAP performed in the style of old school Slipknot.

Created by Anthony Vincent, the YouTube and virtuosic extraordinaire behind Ten Second Songs, the cover features that same familiar racing, electronic bluster, lethal riffing and weighty vocal bellow of Slipknot’s earliest albums.

In the video, Vincent even dons an OG Corey Taylor mask, before bringing out his pet kitten to show off.

Commenters underneath enthuse: “I love the intensity of this cover, the lyrical speed is off the chart, 200% all the way through! I think this “IOWAP” version is now my favourite!”.

While others remark: “This was pure hellfire from the Iowa era sound”, and “I would have never expected to hear the sentence ‘make me cream, make me scream’ sang à la Corey Taylor. This is amazing”.

Check it out below, double-checking first that you’ve securely plugged in your headphones, or your day will get decidedly more awkward from this point onwards: