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Måneskin share the raunchy video for I Wanna Be Your Slave

Eurovision winners Måneskin have released the video for global hit I Wanna Be Your Slave



Eurovision winners Måneskin have shared the racy video for their global hit single I Wanna Be Your Slave, and er… we’re not saying you shouldn’t watch it work, but you may want to tilt your screen away from any prying eyes. 

Directed by Simone Bozzelli, I Wanna Be Your Slave sees the Italian quartet fitted out in Gucci and styled in their trademark glam rock aesthetic. Seething with unrestrained smut, audiences are invited to watch through an up-close-and-personal lens as the band expose forbidden desires including licking, bondage-play, groping, and spitting in a voyeuristic yet highly empowering loop.

Since winning this year’s European Song Contest with their song Zitti E Buoni, Måneskin have stormed their way into the sonic stratosphere, bagging two simultaneous singles in the UK Top 10 chart with their cover of Madcon’s 2007 Beggin‘ and their original single I Wanna Be Your Slave. The latter is certified platinum in Italy, Finland and Poland, six-times platinum in Russia, and was certified Gold in Austria, Greece, Norway, Sweden and Turkey. 

Watch the video for I Wanna Be Your Slave below: