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Marillion reveal song titles for new album An Hour Before It’s Dark

UK prog rockers Marillion will release their latest studio album An Hour Before It’s Dark early in 2022



Marillion have announced the sing titles for their upcoming new studio album An Hour Before It’s Dark, which they will release in early 2022.

“The recording process is now complete and Michael Hunter will commence mixing any day now,” the band say. “As a collection of songs it’s sounding very strong. All five of us are well-excited at what we’ve created and Lucy [Jordache, manager] reckons ‘it beats FEAR‘. Praise indeed.

“We don’t have a 100% confirmed running order yet but we are happy to let you know the song titles which are:

1. Be Hard On Yourself  
2. Murder Machines
3. Reprogram the Gene
4. The Crow and the Nightingale
5. Sierra Leone
6. Care

“We will be playing Be Hard On Yourself on the UK Tour and will be sending everyone who has pre-ordered the album an MP3 of the song before the tour starts.

“Despite the album being finished in October, it’s impossible to release this year so we’re looking at early 2022. We wish we could release the album sooner but, owing to a worldwide shortage of cardboard and a scarcity of vinyl manufacturing facilities, the manufacture of physical records is currently taking many months! All artists are facing the same reality.”

Singer Steve Hogarth recently updated fans on the lyrical content of the new album, stating that: “musically it’s rich and perhaps our most upbeat work for many years.”

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