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Martin Rubashov releases video for Lights Of July

Katatonia frontman Jonas Renkse guests with Swedish folk progger on Lights Of July



Swedish folk progger Martin Rubashov has released a video for his new single Lights Of July. The song, which is taken from Rubashov’s upcoming, as yet untitled new album which will be released in 2021. The sing features a guest vocal performance from Katatonia‘s frontman Jonas Renkse

“I wrote Lights Of July a late evening in July this year in my hometown Hälsingland,” explains Rubashov. “I was wandering in the woods and it felt like the light was something extraordinary. The song is about playing hide and seek in the midnight sun and there’s nowhere to hide, and how difficult it is to hide nowadays in a world where you’re almost always reachable. The entire planet is exploited and most of it has been discovered. It’s hard to find the perfect hiding place.

“I’ve listened to the band Katatonia a lot through the years and has always been impressed by Jonas way of singing. He’s unique in that way and I knew that he had spent some time in Hälsingland at his young age, so I was very happy and honoured when he told me that he wanted to sing with me in this song.”

“Happy to be featured on Lights Of July,” adds Renkse. “When Martin asked me to be part and presented the song to me, I thought it had a very special vibe to it. Mellow, mysterious and fleeting. Just like the Swedish summer.”