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Melvins’ Working With God: more sonic insanity from rock’s kings of absurdism

Surf rock, twisted pop, unhinged doo wop – it’s business as usual in the demented world of Melvins



The opener of Melvins’ latest release arguably distils the majority of their entire 38-year career. I Fuck Around takes classic Beach Boys, adds pounding drums, beefy guitars and lyrics appropriate to the title and voila! As much as the alt-metal underground embraces the prolific trio, King Buzzo and crew have always been a nerd posse obsessed with bubblegum pop culture and classic rock. Working With God – which brings original drummer Mike Dillard back for the second time – has ties to the heavier side of their 90s major label stint, but the majority of it beams with surf rock, twisted doo-wop, demented children’s music and lots of fucking around as one might expect from Fuck You and Brian, The Horse-Faced Goon.