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Metallica in the style of King Diamond is the stuff your nightmares are made of

Denis Pauna is back at it again, and this time he’s mastering the sound of King Diamond



If you thought the whole schtick of a metal song being redone in the style of a another metal artist was getting a little tiring, we’re here to remind you that you’re most definitely wrong.

Denis Pauna, the mastermind behind many of the internet’s most creative metal mash-ups is back with a new concoction – and it’s a hot, steaming brew of gothic goodness. 

Taking the bones of Metallica’s gargantuan classic Master Of Puppets, Pauna plays the track in the style of shock rocker King Diamond.

Inspired by King Diamond/Mercyful Fate’s albums Melissa and Don’t Break The Oath albums, Pauna rehashes the thrash hit and incorporates screeching falsetto vocals, fiendish riffs and of course, a lick of corpse paint plastered across his face.

Listen to the cover below: