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Miami prog duo Cave Of Swimmers release video for Double Rainbow

US prog metallers Cave Of Swimmers will release their second album Aurora in February



Miami-based prog metal duo Cave Of Swimmers have released a video for Double Rainbow, which you can watch in full below. It’s taken from their upcoming second album Aurora, which will be released on February 26 through Broom Tune Records.

“I feel the human quality is needed in music,” says Guillermo Gonzalez (vocals/guitar/synth). “I don’t feel connected to most music I hear because most rock artists I come across these days, I feel, sound like they’re mailing it in. Performance-wise as well, everything sounds edited to shreds. I’m proud to say our records sound the way WE sound – for better or worse.”

“We have arrived at a higher place in our songwriting, finding a way to trim the loose ends in our music that would deter listeners with a low-attention span,” adds drummer/vocalist Arturo Garcia. “Our sound is more concise and streamlined than anything else we’ve ever done. Aurora is tighter and catchier than any previous release to date.”

Cave Of Swimmers formed in Miami in 2012 after moving from their native Venezuela, where they grew up listening to metal and traditional Caribbean music. The pair released debut album Reflection in 2015.

“Our first record sounds like a band playing live, because we cut it live,” addds Gonzalez. “With time, we started getting better at it, and two records later you can hear the results. But there’s nothing pretentious about it – you can still hear it was made by people. The tempos breathe and the music pushes and pulls. Lyrics are self-explanatory: ego, hunger, struggle, rage, frustration things that we’re all sensitive to, but the themes are viewed from a place of hope. Humanity comes through the record because it isn’t perfect. We strive for that kind of honesty.”

Pre-order Aurora.