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Mike Rutherford updates on Genesis rehearsals on the new Rockonteurs podcast

Mike Rutherford joins Saucerful Of Secrets’ Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt on their Rockonteurs podcast



Genesis guitarist and bassist Mike Rutherford is the guest on the latest Rockonteurs podcast, hosted by Saucerful Of Secrets members Gary Kemp and Guy Pratt. You can listen to the podcast below.

Rutherford takes a break from rehearsals with Genesis for their upcoming October tour dates t discuss his career with Genesis and Mike + The Mechanics, and he reveals how rehearsals have been going for the upcoming Genesis live dates.

“We had a rehearsal last January in New York to try out, to see if we were any good,” says Rutherford. “Try out the songs, and Nick, Phil’s son, who’s drumming with us. And it went pretty well so we said let’s rehearse last October and November. And we’d booked the tour and then lockdown happened and thought ‘We were crazy rehearsing, it might never happen’. And then we thought If we don’t so it now, and it goes back another year and a half it’s not meant to be. So we rehearsed anyway and it went well. We came out with a show we think is good and we’re ready to go.

“We’ve been going for over 50 years and there’s a nice chemistry, being in a band. The banter. Theres certain things I can say and only Phil and Tony will know what I’m talking about. it was just nice spending time together. And a big plus was Nicholas, Phil’s son, who’s drumming with us… Because he’s Phil’s son, he’s almost got an English feel and it kind of makes it almost easier to play.”

The Rockonteurs podcast sees Kemp and Pratt chatting with fellow musicians about their careers. Previous guests have included Nick Mason, David Coverdale, Brian Johnson, Nile Rodgers and more…