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Mimi Barks’ new video for Saw looks like a snuff movie and might just haunt your dreams

Watch the unnerving video for Mimi Bark’s latest DEADGIRL single Saw



Nu gen doom-trap provocateur Mimi Barks has shared the video for her latest single SAW, and it’s creepy as hell. 

The song is taken from Barks’ 2022 mixtape DEADGIRL. Speaking about the track and it’s accompanying lo-fi video, Barks says, “SAW marks the resistance, rage, and anger I experienced while seeking my identity and self-worth on an emotional, spiritual, physical, and mental level.

“Working independently on set with a micro team – just me, my videographer and his camera – it takes me back to my roots. No crew, no lights, and no screenplay. It’s raw, industrial and dirty, with the walls of the derelict buildings reflecting the wrath and backlash of my internal war.”

Watch the video below:

Barks has described her DEADGIRL mixtape as a map of her ‘emotional, spiritual, physical and mental’ growth.
“It’s the rebirth of a broken child, a DEADGIRL,” the Berlin-born artist told (opens in new tab) writer Ramon Gonzales last month. “Now reborn as a leader, as her own god; indestructible and inviolable. This is revenge.”

“Creating this music is painful,” she adds. “Sometimes I sit in the studio feeling like I’m losing my mind when facing the decision between reliving the trauma through writing my music or letting myself sink into the nothingness, cocooned in hopelessness aka ending myself, but progress is never comfortable and giving up is no option.”