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Misfits’ first ever single has just been sold for a jaw-dropping $11,000

Misfits’ 1977 single, the Cough / Cool b/w She 7″, has just sold on Discogs for a staggering $10,877



Any serious record collector knows that there is no price too high when it comes to that ultimate vinyl find. This fact has recently been proven by a mysterious buyer on the online music marketplace Discogs, who snapped up Misfits’ first-ever single, the Cough / Cool b/w She 7″, for a staggering $10,877. 

Released back in 1977, it was the only Misfits record to feature drummer Manny Martínez. Plus, there’s only 500 copies in existence, so it’s pretty hard to find.

Previous copies of the record have all sold for at least a few thousand, but this recent Discogs has set a much pricier precedent. According to its seller, the reason it was so highly valued was because of its impressive sound quality and that the “Last copy on Ebay sold for $10,877.”

Eye-watering as the price tag may seem, in comparison to the price of other vinyl rarities that have sold recently, it’d barely even make a dent in the bank account. Take The Sex PistolsGod Save The Queen / No Feeling 7″, which was at one point ordered to be destroyed by their record label. Only a small amount of the 25,000 original copies survived, making it one of the most valuable punk records in the world. In fact, it’s been estimated to have a value of £8,500-£15,000+ / $10,956-$19,334+. 

If that’s not lavish enough for you, Ringo Starr’s pre-owned copy of the very first UK mono pressing of The Beatles’ White Album sold for a wallet-busting $790,000 in auction. 

The lesson here is, if you ever stumble across a vinyl that could be considered rarer than most, be sure to purchase it immediately, as you could be sitting on a goldmine. Happy hunting.