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New Hanabie single お先に失礼します。(Pardon Me, I Have To Go Now) is the colourful, crazy burst of Japanese metal you’ve been waiting for

Metalcore, J-pop, nu metal and electronica collide in this young Tokyo band’s brilliant, energetic new video



If you’ve been looking for a burst of loud, crazy but fun-as-hell noise to stick in your ears and blast away those January blues, we’ve got just the pick-me-up tonic you need. Hanabie, an upcoming young metal band from Tokyo, Japan, have just dropped their latest video onto an unsuspecting world, and it’s an absolute riot. Channelling everything from US metalcore crew Attila and Kawaii-metal superstars Babymetal to electro-rock mainstays like Enter Shikari and Crossfaith, the band have been on the scene for over five years now, but are starting to make real headway outside of their homeland.

Earlier this week, they released new single お先に失礼します。 (‘Pardon Me, I Have To Go Now‘), accompanied by an entertaining video that features our heroes Yukina (vocals), Matsuri (guitar), Hettsu (bass) and Sae (drums) causing havoc in an office, often to the dismay of some unsuspecting colleagues. The video then pivots to end with the quartet rocking out in a crumbling temple set in a fiery, post-apocalyptic wasteland. What’s more metal than that?

The track follows their frenetic recent single, NEET GAME, which landed in August. Hanabie’s debut album, Girl’s Reform Manifest, was released in January 2021, with more new material expected soon.

Check out the video for お先に失礼します。below.

If you like the sound of お先に失礼します。, you can also watch the aforementioned video for Hanabie’s similarly explosive recent single, NEET GAME, which features the four bandmates riffing, screaming, singing and stomping their way through a dizzying rollercoaster of vidid, technicolour environments. Check it out below.