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New Spotify AI app is here to mercilessly rip your taste in music

AI app briefly taps into your account to highlight “your awful taste in music” throughout 2020 and then spits out the results in a condescending manner



As if 2020 wasn’t bad enough, an app has been developed which digs into your Spotify listening habits only to then insult your taste in music.

The project was developed by The Pudding, with the AI trained by Mike Lacher and Matt Daniels – and after allowing the AI to examine your favourite music of 2020 and comparing it to “objectively good music” websites, the AI spits out condescending messages which makes you think, “Maybe I really did spend too much time listening to that one song!”

Right from the start you know things are about to take a turn for the worst when you get the message: “Analysing your listening history… lol… omg!”

I was told my 2020 listening habits were “classic rock radio station bad” and “heavy eyeliner post punk bad.” I was also informed that I listen to Drab Majesty far too much… which I really can’t argue with. I’m also apparently “4% basic” because I listen to The Mission.

I got off slightly better than Louder’s Editor In Chief Briony, who was told she was obsessed with “New wave and Pump Up The Jam,” while her taste was “can be convinced the earth is flat bad” and “mid-Nineties flannel shirt bad.” Obviously totally inaccurate as when did flannel shirts become bad?

Are you ready for your character to be dismantled and your taste in music to be critiqued by an online AI? Then be our guest.