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New website explores the Pink Floyd universe post 1983

New Pink Floyd website will provide “an additional focus on, and an expansive view of, the studio and touring musicians associated with them.”



A new website, Publius Enigma, focused on Pink Floyd’s, Roger Waters’, Richard Wright’s, David Gilmour’s, and Nick Mason’s post-1983 efforts has launched, including a presence on social media platforms Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The website will provide “an additional focus on, and an expansive view of the studio and touring musicians associated with them.”

Publisher Ed Lopez-Reyes described the project as an academic approach to understanding Pink Floyd’s work – including the work of each of its members as solo artists – in the era that began with The Final Cut.

“The idea is to provide a resource that spans Pink Floyd’s ‘David Gilmour era’, from the departure of Roger Waters through today,” says Lopes-Reyes. “This period set the stage for the longest era in the band’s history and for each band member’s most prolific work outside the band itself.”

Lopez-Reyes was a contributor and editor on Martin Popoff’s Pink Floyd: Album by Album book in 2018. His writing has been published on Pink Floyd fan website Brain Damage UK as well as on internationally syndicated radio show Floydian Slip’s website news feed.

The website launch includes new interviews with The McBroom Sisters (Pink Floyd background vocalists), Bjørn Riis (vocalist and guitarist for Norwegian band Airbag and publisher of, Scott Page (Pink Floyd saxophonist and rhythm guitar player), and with Jon Carin (of Pink Floyd, Roger Waters, and David Gilmour) in a piece titled A History and Anatomy of ‘Yet Another Movie’Yet Another Movie was featured on A Momentary Lapse of Reason and Delicate Sound of Thunder.

Publius Enigma is a donated Wolf & King Media project under the direction of Lopez-Reyes. The site features photography by Marie Lopez and artwork by Ahmed Emad Eldin, designer of the album cover for Pink Floyd’s The Endless River

Go to Publius Enimga.