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Nick Beggs, Craig Blundell and Adam Holzman form Trifecta

Steven Wilson band mates form Trifecta and will release their debut album later this year



Nick Beggs has teamed up with fellow Steven Wilson band mated Craig Blundell and Adam Holzman to form new trio Trifecta.

The trio have signed to Kscope Records and will release their debut album this summer. Having performed together as part of Wilson’s band, the three would jam together after soundchecks, forming what they referred to as “jazz club” and from these sessions the fledgling ideas for Trifecta were nurtured.

“So after the last tour with Steven finished, we had a handful of tracks ready to work on and as we moved through our various separate projects we agreed to work on Trifecta. explains Beggs.

“Asked what fans of the musicians can expect from Trifecta he states “Fission! It’s like Fusion but less efficient and more dangerous.”

Check put the Trifecta Facebook page here.