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Nickelback’s Rockstar gets the sea shanty treatment

Nickelback and UK group Lottery Winners unite to create a sea shanty style cover of Rockstar in new viral video



Remember back in 2005 when Nickelback — love ‘em or hate ‘em — released Rockstar and it made its way to the top of every social media platform? Facebook, YouTube, you name it, Chad Kroeger and his dreams of hilltop houses and 15 cars were there ready and waiting. 

Right now, the internet’s new sea shanty craze is having a similar effect. Its latest offering sees these two unique forces join together to create a TikTok cover that has even had help from the band themselves. 

Last week UK group Lottery Winners released their own sea shanty style version of the smash hit via TikTok, which after gaining some popularity, soon made its way onto Nickelback’s radar. The result? An amusing, yet slightly unusual collaboration that includes not only Nickelback’s added vocals and musical expertise, but also Kroeger singing on top of his sailor’s boat. 

“Thanks to our new friends The Lottery Winners for letting us join them on a new take of Rockstarrrr,” tweets Nickelback as they share the collab, which now has over a quarter of a million views. It’s what the internet wants, folks.

Check it out below:


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