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Nightwish share new version of Nemo from their An Evening With Nightwish In A Virtual World event

Finnish symphonic metal superstars share live take on Nemo from An Evening With Nightwish In A Virtual World



Having drawn more than150,000 attendees from over 100 countries to The Islanders Arms tavern for their An Evening With Nightwish In A Virtual World livestream event, Finnish symphonic metal trailblazers Nightwish are sharing their performance of Nemo from the event as an exclusive Amazon Original track.

You can hear the song below, but to watch the video you’ll have to depart for this location.

Nightwish mainman Tuomas Holopainen said of the event, “The Islander’s Arms were a figment of our imagination. That was the key thing that made us decide we wanted to do this – that we’re actually going to be able to play inside this fantastical tavern, and almost play to each other rather than to the cameras. That’s why we called it An Evening With Nightwish In A Virtual World – we invited people to come and watch us play, instead of us playing to the world.”

Nightwish will re-release Once, the album on which Nemo originally featured, as a remastered version with bonus tracks in different formats on August 6th. The album is now available for pre-order

Speaking about Nemo to Metal Hammer in 2016, Tuomas Holopainen said, “It was about a feeling of not being sufficient enough, a feeling of being a terrible person and fucking up everything.”

“We all get those moments every now and again, those weaker moments in life when you don’t really know who you are. You are without a name, without a direction. That’s where the title, Nemo, which means ‘no name’ [in Latin], came from. It’s basically a cathartic song about myself. I was just a much darker person then than I am now. I would never do a song like that again, but that was as honest as it gets. It was a page out of my diary, and I needed to get those emotions out. I felt so alone.”