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Nine Inch Nails’ Closer mashed-up with Hall & Oates and Iron Maiden is a yacht rock masterpiece

Mash-up king Bill McClintock is back, combining NIN, Hall & Oates and Iron Maiden to dramatic effect



It’s been two whole months since we last hailed the genius of internet mash-up king Bill McClintock, marvelling in the inspired wrongness of his Van Halen/Hank Williams collision Your Jumpin’ Heart.

Happily, we can report that the maverick mash-up maestro is back, and this time he’s taken Nine Inch Nails’ filthy ‘fuck’-laden fetish club staple Closer, sprinkled in a soupçon of Iron Maiden (Flight Of Icarus) and blended in Hall & Oates’ 1981 single – and fourth Billboard Hot 100 chart-topper – I Can’t Go For That (No Can Do). The result shifts Closer from BDSM dungeons to the deck of a Mediterranean-cruising schooner, which is a transformation that takes some getting used to, truthfully.

Dive in.

Anyone seeking an uncensored mp3 of the song and video – “f-bombs included” McClintock helpfully explains –  should visit the mash-up maestro’s Patreon.

May we suggest a meld of Fist Fuck and Reelin’ In The Years next? Anyone?

If you’re a newcomer to McClintock’s creative genius, we strongly advise you venture over to his YouTube channel, where you’ll find plenty of other examples of his sonic wizardry, including Slipknot vs The Spice Girls, Van Halen vs Stevie Wonder, Megadeth vs The Jackson 5, Motley Crue vs Motown, Metallica vs Huey Lewis, Aretha Franklin vs Aerosmith and many, many more.