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Nu-metal is officially cool again according to Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda

“Nu-metal went from the corniest thing on the planet to the coolest thing again,” says Mike Shinoda



Good news, people. It’s time to bring back the cargo pants and belt chains because nu-metal is now officially cool again. 

No less an authority than Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda has stated the genre has been given a new lease of life through modern music, as more and more artists have been adopting elements of the genre’s sound. 

“Honestly, I’ve lived through I don’t even know how many iterations of, ‘This thing being dead, and that thing being corny…’,” he tells Kerrang! Radio. “And that comes back around. Nu-metal went from the biggest thing on the planet to the corniest thing on the planet to the coolest thing again.”

He puts the resurgence in interest down to the fact that modern artists mix and match sounds from a wide range of genres.

“This stuff is typical and we have a new generation of artists, not just rappers, but artists in general who are infusing lots of rock and other styles into their music. It’s exciting – I don’t hate them for that,” he says.

“From Ian to 24KGoldn, and Kid LAROI, and even Post Malone! Post is a rockstar, Post is a singer, guitar player, and people think of him as a rapper because he presents himself that way sometimes, but music is just music. I’m not stuck on any of that genre garbage.”

You can listen to the full interview below: