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Nu-metal lovers rejoice! Love And Death revive memories of parachute pants on Perfectly Preserved

Love And Death’s Perfectly Preserved is a polished lesson in melodic alt.metal



Anyone pining for the parachute pants and nu-metal breakdowns of the early 00s will get a nostalgic rush listening to Korn guitarist Brian ‘Head’ Welch’s side band Love And Death (what were you expecting, free jazz?). 

Sure, nu metal isn’t a genre that’s aged well, usually inciting seething hatred from anyone who wasn’t the right age at the right time. But Welch might be trying to win over a new generation, given that Perfectly Preserved, Love And Death’s second album, includes a cover of dance hit Let Me Love You that features Justin Bieber on vocals.

The album displays the more earnest side of Korn’s repertoire – there are plenty of chunky nu-metal breakdowns and grinding guitar riffs that transport us back to 2001, but they take a back seat to the soaring choruses. 

If you can stomach the extra cheese, this is a polished lesson in melodic alt.metal, definitely destined for American arenas.