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“Oh lord, YEAAAH!”: Listen to this “scary accurate” AI James Hetfield cover of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs

The wonders of artificial intelligence continues to boggle our minds with this surprisingly impressive cover of Black Sabbath’s War Pigs sung by “James Hetfield”



In recent months, the rapidly-improving world of artificial intelligence has continued to both enthral and enrage us. While it may prove life-changing to businesses and creatives looking for quick ideas and solutions, its role within society – particularly in creative industries – has caused a great deal for concern, with musicians such as Nick Cave, Sting and Corey Taylor expressing their disapproval over its ability to write songs.

Underneath it all however, there are music fans who are embracing the technology for their own fantasies, using it to artificially recreate famous tracks using the voices of rock stars – both alive and deceased, such as this AI Freddie Mercury take on The Beatles’ Yesterday. 

While such covers obviously have their own ethical and moral implications – should we really be reproducing the voices of musicians no longer with us?  – other creators are simply using AI to bring their dream crossovers to life, such as this AI cover of Metallica‘s James Hetfield singing Black Sabbath’s War Pigs.

Recently, we stumbled upon an AI cover of James Hetfield singing Seal’s Kiss From A Rose, which was particularly amusing in places, but this new creation is actually seriously impressive, and a surreal treat for fans of both Metallica and Sabbath.

Plus, the moments where Ozzy Osbourne sings “Oh lord, yeah!” in the verses serves up the perfect opportunity to hear the Metallica frontman’s iconic “YEAAAAAH!” wail.

In the comments, listeners are equally bemused by the AI creation, with one user writing: “What the fuck! This sounds real!!”, as another exclaims: “He [Hetfield] had to of sang this cause there’s absolutely no way. This is scary accurate”.

Check it out below: