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On Wednesdays We Wear Black: the boundary-breaking podcast you need in your life

An unfiltered look at sex, racism, music and alternative lifestyle, new podcast On Wednesdays We Wear Black is set to elevate unrepresented and queer voices in heavy music



The Heavy Network has announced their first new podcast, On Wednesdays We Wear Black. 

The podcast aims to create a diverse space for unrepresented voices within the alternative worlds, promising to “diversify the space and provide an entertaining platform not only to tackle unspoken issues, but for the candid and hilarious discussions that these communities are often excluded from”. Episodes will give a voice to women and non-binary people as they explore the world of sex, racism, music and alternative lifestyle.

Hosted by an industry-acclaimed crew of people from a variety of backgrounds and generations – including radio presenter Sophie K, radio presenter and musician Alyx Holcombe and Metal Hammer journalist/TikTok favourite Yasmine Summan – the podcast will be a home to challenge unspoken issues, alongside the hilarious, down-to-earth stories that come hand in hand. 

Podcast host Sophie K explains: “I noticed that the variety of podcasts I listen to had certain similarities. I want to hear diverse voices, I want things to sometimes be challenging but also hilarious and crude. I also want to feel that I’m hanging out with my mates at the pub rather than listening to some elite backstage conversation. However I couldn’t find that in the alternative space. I feel that for too long certain voices have been left out of rock conversations.”

“Every year when pride or black history month comes along we get wheeled out to talk about how we exist in this space. Now I want to create a space where the outcasts can feel represented, whether someone is queer, melanin-blessed, female or non-binary, this is a space we can all hang out and talk about everything from tampons to rock to fan fiction without getting censored by some guy who finds it offensive.”

On Wednesdays We Wear Black will run weekly, with the first episode available now on all major podcast platforms. Get it on Spotify or Apple now.