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One fan has streamed an Architects song 32,000 times this year and pretty much won Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped is here, and it shows how one Architects fan took their love for the band to whole new extremes by listening to one song 90-100 times a day



It’s that time of year again when our best (and most embarrassing) listening habits are put into technicolour display courtesy of Spotify Wrapped. 

For those yet to dabble in this enlightening annual service by the music streaming monoliths, it works by tallying up the amount of minutes you spend listening to music a year, as well as ranking your favourite artists, songs, genres and what styles of music that tends to tickle your fancy at various points of the day, all condensed into aesthetically-pleasing data for your perusal.

It’s all very thorough, making it pretty inescapable to hide your guilty pleasures or obsessive sonic fixations. 

Take one fan who decided to stream Architects’ song Broken Cross (from their 2014 album Lost Forever // Lost Together) a total of 32,000 times this year, which certified their entry into the top 0.001% of listeners of the band in 2022. That’s, erm, a lot of repeats. In fact, they spent an accumulation of 209,184 minutes binge-listening to Architects’ music, which is dedicated to say the least.

As one commenter says in reply to the fan’s tweet showcasing their strange (yet somewhat admirable) achievement, they deduce that as Spotify doesn’t take into account a full 365 day year when rallying up the totals, their binge works out as a average of 90-100 plays of Broken Cross a day. A day.

Of course, we’re pretty certain that no one can actually like a song that much, and as it turns out, part of this peculiarly high streaming number has been ‘gamed’ with the pure intent of causing chaos. Earlier today, the fan declared on Twitter (alongside screenshots of their hilarious stats): “January first 2022 I told myself I wanted my Spotify wrapped to be funny and just outright ridiculous. Safe to say I achieved it because what the actual fuck”.

The anomaly has even made its way onto the radar of Architects drummer Dan Searle, who, upon retweeting the post, says: “How can you possibly play one song 32,000 times in a year?”. We honestly have no idea either, but we applaud them for their efforts.

Check out the tweet below and discover your Spotify Wrapped via the Spotify app.

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