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Osees have mutated again and this time it’s explosive punk rock

Album of high velocity punk from Californian name-changers Osees obliterates all before it



Now on their zillionth release and fiftieth or so name change, Osees show absolutely no signs of slowing down. 

You would of course be well within your rights to expect a dip in the quality control department, but such is the deep well of inspiration that this venerable 21st-century institution draw from that their ability to cross-pollinate, mutate and claim as their own remains completely undiminished. 

This time round, Osees – led by the ever restless and endlessly creative singer/ guitarist John Dwyer – pay tribute to the punk rock of their youth. The result is a compact and highly combustible album that packs 10 songs into just 22 minutes. 

Just as you’re catching your breath from one detonation, another six-string explosion goes off to leave you reeling. With titles such as Fucking Kill Me and Scum Show, Osees leave you in very little doubt as to where they’re coming from.