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Paul McCartney will no longer be signing autographs: “We both know who I am”

Beatles legend Paul McCartney has stopped signing autographs, as he thinks the concept is “a bit strange”



It seems Beatlemania – the name given to the feverish fan culture that erupted alongside The Beatles‘ rise to stardom in the 1960s – has finally taken its toll on Paul McCartney. The legendary Scouse singer-songwriter says that he no longer wishes to sign autographs, as he believes the process to be “a bit strange”.

During an interview with Reader’s Digest, the 79-year-old musician discussed meeting fans across his extensive career, many of who he says would request an autograph. Now, feeling worn out after years of putting pen to paper, McCartney has revealed why he will no longer be partaking in the process.

“It always struck me as a bit strange,” he explains. “‘Here, can I write your name down on the back of this till receipt please?’ Why? We both know who I am.”

Of course, the hitmaker says has no problems with simply greeting fans, but would rather the interaction focused on having a conversation, rather than taking selfies and signing his name.

He continues, “What you’ve usually got is a ropey photo with a poor backdrop and me looking a bit miserable. Let’s chat, let’s exchange stories.”

Recently, Macca – who had been scapegoated as the man who broke up The Beatles for numerous decades – revealed that it was actually the late John Lennon who suggested the band go their separate ways. 

“I didn’t instigate the split. That was our Johnny,” McCartney declared (per The Guardian). “This was my band, this was my job, this was my life, so I wanted it to continue.”

When questioned about his decision to start a solo career, McCartney states, “Stop right there. I am not the person who instigated the split. Oh no, no, no. John walked into a room one day and said, ‘I am leaving the Beatles’. Is that instigating the split, or not?”