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Pentral release new video for All My Wounds

Brazlian prog metal trio Pentral will release their debut album What Lies Ahead in May



Brazlian prog metal trio Pentral have released a video for their new single All My Wounds. It’s the follow-up to Silent Trees and is also taken from the band’s upcoming debut album What Lies Ahead Of Us, which the band will self-release in May.

All My Wounds is about the quest for spiritual healing and dealing with the highs and lows of life and toxic people. It touches upon how hard is to cope with grief and loss and how rewarding it is to bounce back from rock bottom. 

Directed and edited by Roger Elarrat and produced by Luana Klautau with Cezar Moraes serving as director of photography, the video accompanying this track captured the band in live performance. The preceding video for Silent Trees was filmed in their native Amazon – the first of several chapters in a dedicated saga that will unfold, track by track.

All My Wounds is a pulsating song,” explains vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Victor Lima. “Drums and bass guitar are upfront together with the electric guitars. It’s really more intense and way shorter and more incisive than our first single. I think that this is a high energy song – really unquiet but still melodic.

“As for the lyrics, they try to draw an inner battle to overthrow feelings of loss, way beyond this ordinary material life, moved by the need to keep moving forward as our characters notice and feel that´s much more out of their sights. It brings a message of hope, like some sort of compensation for what has been taken away from you.”

Hailing from Belem in the north of Brazil, Lima is joined by Vagner Lima (drummer) and Joe Ferri (bass guitar). Pentral, which means spirit in Latin, worked with legendary producer Tim Palmer on What Lies Ahead Of Us, who has also worked with Robert PlantTears For Fears and David Bowie.

“This album is like a “declaration”, conceived well before COVID-19 emerged,” adds Lima. “But it kind of fits the current reality we’re experiencing. This pandemic is the outcome of the unfriendly way we’ve been treating our environment and ourselves as well, and it served to expose our insensitivity, our lack of empathy. We are hopeful that this music reaches the ears and minds of folks all over the world, inspiring them to listen, think and act.”

Pre-order What Lies Ahead Of Us.