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Phoebe Bridgers, Fred Durst and Snail Mail to appear in A24 film

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Welcome to The Latest, our daily download of the essential news you need to know across music, culture and style.

The crossover the world needs: Phoebe Bridgers, Fred Durst and Snail Mail will appear in A24’s I Saw the TV Glow 

As if A24 wasn’t busy enough producing acclaimed, genre-defining films and TV series, a new film is already in production titled I Saw the TV Glow. From the sound of it, it will likely become a modern horror classic. The upcoming film, which is directed by Jane Schoenbrun (We’re All Going to the World’s Fair), will feature Phoebe Bridgers, Snail Mail and Limp Bizkit’s Fred Durst. There’s limited information on the film’s plot, but it’s described as a story of two teenagers and their experience with a frightening TV show, as well as the events that transpire after its cancelation. 

Gucci pays homage to director Stanley Kubrick in new campaign

Gucci has announced its new campaign titled Exquisite. The campaign, which is led by prominent Italian fashion designer Alessandro Michele, is inspired by the eclectic work of Stanley Kubrick. Michele, who’s an outspoken fan of Kubrick’s films, dove deep into his love for movies such as The Shining, A Clockwork Orange and 2001: A Space Odyssey for an impressive trailer that highlights his latest collection with a delicate and evocative tone. In a statement, Michele notes, “I’ve always imagined my collections as films able to convey a cinematography of the present: a score of stories, eclectic and dissonant, that can sacralize the human and its metamorphic ability.” 

Girlpool are parting ways, but not before one last goodbye

In somber news, LA indie duo Girlpool have announced their disbandment. In a statement from the band, co-vocalists Harmony Tividad and Avery Tucker state, “After nine years, we have decided to take a break from Girlpool and go our separate ways as songwriters. We are each other’s biggest fans and always encourage each other to stretch and evolve, whether that means it’s alongside one another or not.” The duo, who released their final album Forgiveness this past April, are still planning to give fans one last opportunity to see them live with their upcoming tour, which kicks off Sept. 8. 

attachment-Girlpool – Final Tour – Admat


Netflix announces star-studded film adaptation of classic novel White Noise

Netflix has just announced its film adaptation of the classic 1985 novel White Noise by Don DeLillo. The streaming giant has shared the first trailer of the film, which features an impressive cast: Adam Driver, Greta Gerwig, Don Cheadle and André 3000. The film is centered around professor Jack Gladney (Driver) and his family after an accidental chemical spill disrupts their town and seemingly normal lives.  


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