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Play Deftones’ Pac-Man-style White Pony x Black Stallion online game

Deftones unearth their Pac-Man inspired video game from the 2000 White Pony enhanced CD



As part of the on-going celebrations marking last year’s 20th anniversary of the release of White Pony, Deftones have shared an updated version of the PC game that came with the enhanced CD of their 2000 masterpiece.

The Pac-Man-style game gives fans a chance to listen to Deftones music, while being chased around an electronic maze by members of the band. We can think of no better way to pass the time, frankly.  

“A call back to the original White Pony game that came with our enhanced CD in 2000,” the Sacramento quintet say of the arcade game. ​“Play our 20th anniversary version and get the chance to receive an exclusive discount in our webstores.”


In case you missed it, rare footage of Deftones playing dub reggae-tinged demo track Answers in 1992 recently surfaced online. Recorded for the Sacto Active Rock cable access TV show, the clip of the four-piece Deftones – 18-year-old vocalist Chino Moreno, guitarist Steph Carpenter, bassist Chi Cheng and drummer John Taylor– is believed to be the second earliest known footage of the Sacramento band in existence.